Here you can find items and links of interest for farmers, ranchers, residents of Western Kansas and anyone else who might want to drop by.


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The Butterfield Trail Museum

Farris Manufacturing
Builders of fine trailers

Taylor's Black Simmentals
home page

Smoky River Rendezvous
Hunting Kansas Style

The Bank of Winona


Choo Choo

"Late for School"

Here on the High Plains of Western Kansas...things may not be quite as 'flat' as you might have heard. We have lots of activities and things to do and see. We hope to see you around sometime. If you live 'round here, well, we'll try to keep you up on the latest and greatest.

I hope you will enjoy this site and possibly find some of the information useful. I have tried to include something for everyone. Please come back again. Until then, Happy Trails!

Talk to the "Mad Cows"
No really!
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